Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Dell Inspiron 5100 SUCKS !!!!

I just got my new hard drive from dell because the one I had before blew its head.... but thats not all... this was my second hard drive because the one I had before this was a replacement for another one that blew its head too.... and so after two hard drives in less than eight months I am really starting to think if spending $1,400 on my Inspirion 5100 was worth it. As far as Dell's customer service is concerned it was a JOKE... I was on hold for TWO FREAKEN HOURS... yes I am not making this up... it was TWO HOURS !!! But I do have to admit the Indian guy from Dell's call center in Banglore or some city was pretty courteous and I did get my HD by DHL on the 2nd day after I made my call. However, now I have to return my old hard drive back and that really makes me mad because it has all my personal information !!! So I will fight that !

I was always a big fan of Dell products... I even convinced my investment firm to buy only dell products (which they did) and we are talking about a lot of computers and related equipment. So yeah Michael Dell, I feel totally betrayed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

some ppl can change their mind so quickly :~}

July 25, 2004 at 10:05:00 PM PDT  

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